To interact with any of these features, just say
"Okay Google, talk to Gordon Now."

Order by Product Nickname

Tell Gordon Now what items you’d like to reorder based on the product nickname you set up on this website.

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Leave a Message

Communicate with other staff members on different shifts by leaving a message.

Say “OK Google, ask Gordon Now to update my team.” Teams can hear [...]

Share Feedback on Gordon Now

You can say “OK Google, ask Gordon Now to share feedback,” then pass along your ideas for improvement, feedback on features and any technical [...]

Podcasts From Our Experts

Get culinary inspiration and operational strategies by listening to podcasts from Corporate Consulting Chef Gerry Ludwig and Ken Wasco.

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Hear What’s New

“OK Google, ask Gordon Now what’s new.”

Help your business run ahead by keeping up with new Gordon Now features.

Help with Gordon Now

“OK Google, tell Gordon Now I need some help.”

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Listen to Relevant Content

“OK Google, ask Gordon Now, what are the new articles?”

Get a listing of the most recent and relevant content from the Idea Center.

Want to hear an entire article? Just say, “OK Google, tell Gordon Now, I want to know more about article number two (specify the listing number associated with whichever article you’re interested in).”

Contact Your Sales Representative

“OK Google, tell Gordon Now to contact my sales rep.”

A message will be sent to your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative.

Order by Product #

Just let Gordon Now know which item number(s) you’d like to reorder.

Watch video on how add items to your 10 Key.

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Order by Product Description

Tell Gordon Now what items you’d like to reorder by product description.

Watch video on how add items to your 10 Key.

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Delivery Time Update

“OK Google, ask Gordon Now, where’s my truck?”

Gordon Now can provide a time-frame when you can expect your delivery to arrive at your location.